Uncle Jonny
Few artists have successfully crossed the bridge from performing Rock music, to performing Reggae, but in the case of Canada's Uncle Jonny, he has not only crossed that bridge, he's established a permanent foothold.

Originally from Toronto, Canada, Uncle Jonny has become engrained in the world of Reggae, and with some of the most notable players in Jamaica. Production credits include work with GRAMMY Award winning duo Sly & Robbie, world renowned Luciano, Dean Fraser, Chinna Smith, Scully, Horsemouth, Bongo Herman, and the late Sugar Minott.

In collaboration with the who's who in music, Uncle Jonny has successfully released five albums: Singing with the Legends 2010, Kingston Class Reunion 2012, Old School 2013 and Get Real 2015. His newest album, Peace is Possible, was released in 2017. Each album has earned the applause of colleagues in the industry and fans as the rhythms on each track are smooth, and balanced by the lyrical delivery of an artist who shares reality through song.

Not only does Uncle Jonny place emphasis on the musicians who perform on his album, equal attention is given to backing vocalists! So on point is his music that fans have remarked that the tight harmonies are a treat to enjoy. Several tracks on his various albums are noted for this detail. Hand selected for his recent project, the voices of award winning Jamaican School Choir can be heard on the Get Real album, and award winning Toronto Gospel Choir offer superb chorale melodies on the song "Peace is Possible." Over the years, Additional artistic collaborations were done with Gyptian, Sizzla, Agent Sasco and more.

Cantorial music in his synagogue has always been a part of Uncle Jonny's life. This has truly enhanced his music knowledge, experience and talent. He is also a known and well-respected drummer. Uncle Jonny's first album was produced by Sugar Minott, which was accompanied by the Roots Radics Band at Leggo Studio in Kingston. He's come a long way since his first reggae single, "How Could You Do This." He remembers fondly two performances in his home country that really had an impact - at the Montreal Film Festival and in Toronto on a show with the Heptones.

What sets Uncle Jonny apart from the rest isn't just the classic drum and bass played in real time, it's the originality of his songs; conscious musings on love, respect, hope and human dignity. Uncle Jonny has emerged as a solid reggae artist with a full length concert performance ready to be delivered for all audiences. His music and talent are intertwined which is what solidifies his fan base.

Uncle Jonny has kept his style and musical integrity throughout his career giving his fans that real vintage reggae sound with original roots-style rocker rhythms. He is adamant in saying "my goal is to inspire people with my music and my message; my hope is to break down racial barriers." Uncle Jonny knows music is serious and will only give the world his best!
Uncle Jonny